WA Sandalwood Nut Oil - 50 ml.

WA Sandalwood Nut Oil - 50 ml.
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Massage Oil Preparation:


5% to 20% WA Sandalwood Nut Oil + 95% to 80% Carrier Oil (Jojoba Oil / Almond Oil / Olive Oil / Corn Oil - Your Choice)


Features and Applications:


Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil (commonly referred to West Australian Sandalwood) has historically been used in traditional medicine, perfect nourishing oil, and also in perfume industry for hundreds of years. Protein isolates have been found in the nut oil to have applications in a wide range of products.


 WA Sandalwood Nut Oil has known natural skin repair and anti-ageing properties. It has shown to be an effective treatment for dry skin prone to ageing since it increases moisture levels and improves the function of sebaceous tissues.


Analysis of this oil shows that it is rich in a novel, natural compound, Ximenynic acid that is known to assist in the protection of the skin from lines and wrinkles whilst stimulating blood circulation to give an overall healthier look.


It also has anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of active Ximenynic acid has been shown to prevent degradation of hyaluronic acid and collagen and leads to an overall strengthening of the ECM (extracellular matrix), which in turn leads to an improvement in skin elasticity and tighter looking skin.




Increasing dermal strength

Improving skin elasticity for a younger looking skin

Known to help reduce fine lines

Noted to be effective with orange peel skin

Improving skin tone


Santalum spicatum nut oil - high in Ximenynic acid


PRODUCT NAME: Sandalwood Nut CO2 Extracted Oil

BOTANICAL NAME: Santalum spicatum


OLFACTORY: Slightly nutty, bland

EXTRACTION PROCESS: Super Critical CO2 Extraction


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