Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil 10ml - Minimum Order Quantity 4 pcs.

Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil 10ml - Minimum Order Quantity 4 pcs.
Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil 10ml - Minimum Order Quantity 4 pcs. Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil 10ml - Minimum Order Quantity 4 pcs.
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Mt. Romance’s 100% pure Organic Australian Sandalwood essential oil is ideal for aromatherapy and is renowned for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties.


Trouble sleeping?


Try putting a few drops of our Pure Australian Sandalwood oil on a scarf and inhale slowly and deeply for 10 minutes before bed.


Look forward to a goodnight sleep…!!!


Properties of Pure Australian Sandalwood oil:




Helping to soothe and reduce redness (Greenoak, unpublished: 2000)




Works to cleanse and inhibit bugs, particularly bacteria linked to acne (Beylier & Givaudan: 1979)




Sandalwood has been shown to calm the mind, promote focus and general wellbeing.


Mt. Romance’s PURE ORGANIC AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD range features organic and indigenous certified Sandalwood oil. Since 2005, Mt. Romance has pioneered a system of benefit sharing. Native Sandalwood is sourced from outback Western Australia by Aboriginal harvesters who are paid an additional royalty on the oil sold from their wood.


Mt. Romance’s packaging also features vibrant indigenous artwork which is inspired by the artwork of children from the Dawul Remote Community School, located on Doon Doon Station in WA. Together Mount Romance and our parent company TFS Corporation support their Wola Language and Culture program helping these young artists to learn the traditional art and language of their country.


TFS Corporation – Parent Company of Mt. Romance:


As the world's leading grower of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) TFS Corporation holds a strong position in the global Sandalwood industry.  This proudly Western Australian company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX – Code TFC). TFS has over 9,000 hectares of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) trees established in the tropical north of Australia of which TFS has an effective ownership of approximately 3,100 hectares.


Sustainability is an important part of the TFS business model. TFS works towards best practice in climate, community & biodiversity to deliver long-term returns to investors, the company and the globe.


All TFS sites, including Mount Romance are certified under the International standards (ISO) 14001-Environmental Management Systems, 9001-Quality Management systems and 4801-Occupational health and safety management systems; and in 2006 TFS won the WA Rural and Remote Water award for a water recycling initiative.


Together TFS and Mount Romance have over 10 years of experience in both the cultivation of Indian Sandalwood and the distillation of WA Sandalwood oil making them leaders in the global Sandalwood industry – from soil to oil.


History of Australian Sandalwood Oil:


Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Australian Aboriginal medicine to treat conditions like stress, insomnia, eczema and acne. Buddhist monks inhaled Sandalwood before meditation and Australian Aborigines used the scent to relax and focus before walk about.


1845 was the year Western Australia’s first export of Sandalwood left its pristine shores. Bound for the Far East, this valuable and revered wood was to become a great industry for Western Australia.


It was 1875 when Australian Sandalwood was first distilled. Since the 1840’s the tree had been a huge export earner for Western Australia, with tonnes of the wood sent to China each year to produce incense for Buddhist worship.


By 1916, the commercial production of Australian Sandalwood oil had begun. The basic processing and distillation produced an oil that was much cruder than the pure Australian Sandalwood oil sold by Mt Romance today.


It was in the 1920’s that the Sandalwood harvests peaked with over 14,000 tonnes harvested to meet the strong Chinese demand for the wood. This prompted the Western Australian Government to pass a legislation to limit harvests at a sustainable level. This legislation continues today.


In 1921 the production of Australian Sandalwood oil became more scientifically controlled. By improving the processing and introducing quality controls Plaimar Ltd improved the concentrations of Santalol (chemical components used to classify the quality of Sandalwood oils) in the Australian Sandalwood oil that was extracted.


This improvement in quality saw Australian Sandalwood oil recognized as a medicinal treatment in pharmacopoeias from a variety of countries, including Britain, France, Japan and Belgium.


The oil was taken orally as an antiseptic and was a favoured treatment for venereal disease until the introduction of modern antibiotics. The widespread use of antibiotics caused the commercial production of Australian Sandalwood oil to stop in 1963.


It was in 1997 - over 30 years later - when Mt Romance rediscovered this native essential oil. Recognising its wide range of applications, Mt Romance introduced Australian Sandalwood oil to the cosmetics, aromatherapy, fragrance and therapeutic markets globally, carving out a niche position for Australian Sandalwood oil as natural, sustainable and healing ingredient.

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