Sandalwood Nut Oil Fact Sheet


Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil

(Santalum spicatum)


Australian sandalwood is native to Western Australia’s pristine arid environment and is successfully being grown as a commercial crop by WA Sandalwood Plantations (WASP). Famous for its highly valued aromatic timber, this unique parasitic tree also produces an oil rich nut that is becoming increasingly attractive to global cosmeceutical & nutraceutical markets. The nut kernels are utilized extensively by indigenous Australians and native animals.


The kernel is rich in a drying fixed oil (50-60%) and is characterized by containing a high % of acetylenic fatty acids such as ximenynic acid (trans-11-octdecen-9-ynoic acid, saltalbic acid). This is only found in the seeds of the Oleraceae & Santalaceae families. The oil also contains a high percentage of oleic acid, and is a clear yellow or golden yellow transparent liquid, sparingly soluble in ethanol (96%) and miscible with hexane. It has a relative density of about 0.9198, a viscosity of 71mm²s¯¹ and solidifies at –11°C.




Palmitic 16:0 3.6
Palmitoleic 16:1 (n-7) 0.7
Stearic 18:0 2.1
Oleic 18:1 (n-9) 50.5
Linoleic 18:2 (n-6) 1.3
α-Linolenic 18:3 (n-3) 2.7
Stearolic 18:1 (9a) 0.9
Ximenynic 18:1 (9a,11t) 36.1
Other   2.1


Acid Value 0.2
Peroxide Value 1.5
Unsaponifiable Matter 1.1%
Saponification Value 197
Iodine Value 101


Leading Market Position



Leading Market Position


WASP has the largest Australian sandalwood estate under management in the world. Approximately 10,000 hectares is grown in a bio diverse production system throughout rural Western Australia. This makes WASP the number one supplier of kernel oil globally and the only supplier that can demonstrate the sustainability of its production technique.


Super Critical Oil Extraction


Our premium quality oil is extracted using super critical CO2 to capture the kernel’s unique qualities. There are no solvents such as hexane employed in this process and this guarantees a pure oil isolate.


Market Uses


There are a wide range of applications of this oil. It is an emollient and has proven anti-inflammatory properties. It is accordingly being utilized in anti-aging and skin care products where it can help preserve the texture and integrity of the skin. Patented applications also exist in the formulations to improve hair vitality.